CWS Kelly  Nov 3, 2011-Dec 2017
CBCA 9580
CEA Carrier/OFA prelim hips -Fair
Kelly is out of our Gin and by Scott Glen's good dog Don - this is a repeat breeding, and the older litter is showing great things!  Kelly was set to be another good trial dog, but unfortunately we lost her in December.  She was a mighty powerhouse packed in a small package.  Our only regret was not having bred her to have something to carry on.  

CWS Nan      April 7, 2012
CBCA 10370
CEA Clear/OFA prelim hips - Good
Nan is out of a previous dog we owned, Cassie, and by our nephew's dog Bill (Mitch's sire).  This was a repeat breeding - the older littermates are doing great as ranch dogs, and show the talent and guts that we like to have in our own string of dogs.  Training is going well for this gal.  She is the mother of Amanda Labadie's Jack, and he is making his rounds in his nursery year in 2018.  Nan is Chris's right hand dog.