If you want a young colt to start yourself, or a started horse - we have something for everyone.  We have been breeding for years for good minded ranch horse stock.  Our stud is known as George and came out of the Boyes program.  We cannot be more than pleased with him.  Foals always have a good mind and good frame on them to do whatever you please - they have gone to be good honest ranch horses and good riding partners from all ages.  They are easy to break and learn.  We are real happy with all the mares we have to cross with him.  Foals start at $2500 and up.

George's Pedigree

​Pictures of 2023 mares and foals (all sold)

Ranch Horses

We require a $300 non refundable deposit on foals. Foals are AQHA registered when possible.  Most foals are born in May and June and are weaned in October.  All foals are imprinted at birth.