Ranch Dogs


June is one of Chris's main work dogs.  Chris was needing another dog, and this one became available from Norm and Bev Sommers.  She is really good on cattle, and shows the stock sense we value in our dogs. 
Hopefully Chris will get her out onto the trial field, but if he doesn't - you can be sure she is being used on the ranch to get the multitude of jobs done, or at the other end of the trial field setting.  In 2015, she and Chris won the Mounted Cattle Trial in Swift Current.

ABCA 307479
DOB June 07
OFA Hips Good/CEA Normal
Cap came from Shawna Burton from Claresholm out of her good ranch dogs. He shows alot of command over stock, and is a really good ranchdog.  Same line as Debbie Bailey's great trial dog Ben.    When the tough gets going, Cap is called out for the job.  Though he will never be a trial dog, he has proven his worthiness time and time again.
CBCA 8918
CEA - DNA Carrier -
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