Fly is the dog which started it all for me.  If anyone knows about training the stock dog, it is something that takes alot of time, dedication and patience.  Fly had taught me that and more.  She truly was my favorite dog, and as she got older, I cherished the time I had with her, and all her accomplishments.  As a novice handler, she moved me from Novice to Open in one year, and has taught me what to look in a dog.  At 10 years, she was still going strong, and finished her trialing career at 2010 USBCHA Finals in Virginia.
 She truly had been my partner to the end.
 Her winnings include 2010 - Fifth at the Calgary Stampede. Finalist at the 2010 EID Classic. 2009 - ASDA Cattle Dog, 2009 Western Canadian Finals Driving Champion, 2009 Triple Crown Reserve Champion, 2008 USBCHA Semi-finalist, 2008 Calgary Bull Sale Champion, 2008 Triple Crown Reserve Champion, 2008 ASDA Cattle Dog, 2006 Triple Crown Champion, 2006 Northlands Farm Fair Champion, 2006 Lloydminster Exhibition Champion. 
In her retirement years, she still came to trials, but only to watch from the sidelines.  Her offspring had stepped into her shoes, and got the jobs done on the ranch and on the trial field.  Creed, Floss, Mitch and Lyn are the ones carrying on the lines of dogs we had started out years ago. 
Fly CBCA 4119
ABCA 170613
Dec 1999-Dec 2015
Border Collies Of Our Past