Dexter - aka BBC A Major Fox
(Major Pepinic x Dancin Two Fox)
Dexter is a red dun gelding born May/2005.  He has had a lot of miles put on him over the past year.  He is an honest type of horse, and quiet - our 8 year old nephew rode him bareback.  He is a type of horse that will cover miles in a short time - a very quick walk that my own horse, who has longer legs, cannot keep up with.  He is approximately 15 hands 2 inches, and has seen cattle at the end of the rope.  He would have been available for sale for the 2012 Calgary Bull Sale, but we were late on the ball entering him.  Call us with any questions.
Dan was our choice for this year's Farm Fair International Ranch Horse sale entry.  He was a great guy, one of those dead broke fellows that was born that way.  He was like the town bicycle, anyone could ride him! Now owned by the Reider Family in Mankota, Saskatchewan!